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NLRB: Businesses Liable for Leased/1099 Workers

In mid-September the National Labor Relations Board's (NLRB) continued its efforts to expand worker ... [more]

New Jersey Begins to Kick Back on §3508 Sales Reps

New Jersey has long been considered a difficult state when a contractor is grappling with regulatory... [more]

NY’s Construction Industry Fair Play Act — Not Just for 1099 Workers!

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Confused About the New Telemarketing Rules? You Should Be

Back in the spring, Berenson LLP advised its clients as to the impact of the upcoming amendment to t... [more]

EEOC Increases Lawsuits Against Companies for Use of Criminal-Background Screens

In June, the EEOC filed suit against both BWM and Dollar General Corp, alleging both companies used ... [more]

FTC Fines Contractor $350,000 on Energy Claims

Edward Sumpolec, who conducted business under three separate names, was recently fined $350,000 by t... [more]