Office in Spokane, WA
Jack G. Zurlini, Jr.
Partner in Charge

Jack G. Zurlini, Jr., Partner in Charge

Mr. Zurlini specializes in litigation defense work for remodeling contractors throughout the United States, with his practice focusing specifically on commercial disputes, contract litigation, government litigation, and defense of consumer class actions.

Mr. Zurlini received his B.A. degree from Pennsylvania State University in English with honors, and his law degree from Rutger’s School of Law at Camden, New Jersey, in 1985, having clerked with the United States Attorney General’s Office for the District of New Jersey and with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Appellate Division.
Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Zurlini served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, first assigned to the Torts Division, where he specialized in defending the State of Washington against employment claims. Mr. Zurlini then led the Consumer Protection Investigations and Enforcement Team for eight years, investigating and enforcing compliance in a variety of industries, ranging from mortgage foreclosure rescue and debt relief scams to auto dealerships. Mr. Zurlini gained national prominence as lead analyst and prosecutor in the Attorney General’s enforcement actions against several window manufacturers and remodeling companies for a number of alleged illegal practices including unsubstantiated energy saving claims, false reference pricing, and interfering with consumers’ cancellation rights. His enforcement efforts in Washington were relied upon as jumping off points for related enforcement actions in other states and the Federal Trade Commission.