BBB Email Scam

December 11, 2012 | from AdminBerenson No Comments

A growing number of businesses and individuals are reporting receiving a fake email allegedly from the Better Business Bureau stating either that a complaint has been filed against their business or that a customer has submitted a review of their business. The email asks that you to download and complete an attached form or to click on a link to view and respond to the consumer posting. You should not do either.

The “attached form” is actually an executable file that will install a virus onto your system that will then trick you into believing that your computer is infected and (surprise, surprise) offer you to clean your system for a fee! If you enter credit card or banking information, then your accounts will be vulnerable to attack.

The link in the email is equally nefarious. The linked page appears to be a legitimate BBB page, but it will cause malware to be installed on your computer. Once the malware is installed, the scammer can access your computer.

The bottom line is that any email from the BBB in the near future should be viewed skeptically. If you do receive such an e-mail, you may want to call the BBB directly to confirm that a consumer complaint or review is legitimate.