Oklahoma Implements Its Own Lead Paint Law

July 17, 2013 | from AdminBerenson No Comments

Oklahoma has become the latest of 13 states that have been authorized to administer their own lead paint laws in lieu of the federal EPA program. Fortunately, Oklahoma has incorporated all lead-safe work practices from the EPA program, so no serious concerns for contractors are on the horizon.

Oklahoma contractors will no longer be subject to EPA certification — that role will now be taken over by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The good news is that if you are an existing Renovation Firm and/or a Certified Renovator certified by EPA, you do not have to become certified by DEQ right now. Instead, existing Renovation Firms have until September 22, 2013 to simply register with DEQ by sending a letter stating their name and contact information and providing a copy of their EPA certification. However, when an existing Renovation Firms’ EPA certification expires, the firm must renew their certification with DEQ (not EPA).

EPA Certified Renovators can follow this same routine: they can keep their EPA certification for now, but must take a refresher course approved by DEQ when their certification is up for renewal.