Employees and Independent Contractors

Our litigious society and ongoing changes in employment and labor law require that contractors must conduct themselves carefully and prudently at all times or risk disaster. Berenson LLP advises clients on all matters that arise in the ongoing employer-employee relationship and provides the necessary written documents (e.g., employment applications, employment agreements, employee handbooks) for safeguarding your operations.

In an industry that relies so heavily on independent contractors, while the current environment is strongly anti-independent contractor, it is absolutely paramount that remodeling and home improvement businesses understand the laws that apply to them and act proactively to properly structure and defend their independent contractor relationships. Berenson LLP advises clients on the ever-changing state and federal laws that govern the independent contractor relationship and offers the written documents (e.g., subcontractor agreements, installer agreements, sales representative contracts, compensation structures, and product-specific and state-specific independent contractor operational protocols) that the client must use in order to structure, preserve and defend its 1099-based relationships.