Industry Developments

Unfortunately, rarely does a day pass without Congress, a federal agency, or a state legislature introducing, working on, or enacting a new law or rule that makes operating a remodeling or home improvement business more complicated. Failure to comply with these laws or rules subjects contractors to an ever-increasing risk of litigation, judgments, and ruinous fines. State and federal agencies are constantly launching initiatives to crack down on conduct and activities considered illegal, unethical, undesirable, or simply “bad”. What was “under the radar” yesterday can quickly become the #1 issue in our industry the very next day.

We take the “pulse” of the industry every day, carefully track the progress of proposed laws and rules, and engage state and federal agencies to shape the rules that affect industry, and monitor what enforcement actions are occurring against contractors and manufacturers. We design and help clients implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with whatever becomes law. Merely understanding law relating to, for example, worker classification or the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule is not enough; clients must be able to incorporate compliance into their day-to-day operations in a workable, defendable, and business-like manner.