Tax Audits

One of the most important lessons every business must eventually learn is that the Internal Revenue Service and state revenue departments are always a silent (and often a not-so-silent) partner on every sale you make. Whether it be income taxes, employment taxes, sales and use tax, worker reclassification, or any other tax-related matter, the best offense is a good defense – a defense put in place before an audit is commenced. Then, once a client is under examination, critical steps must be immediately taken to reduce the potential risks and prepare a defense. Our experience allows us to immediately review the facts, work with both the tax agency and the client to slow the process down and allow the preparation of a multi-prong defense intended to make the auditor go away, as soon as possible, with as little recourse to the client as possible. We have defended and litigated on behalf of our industry clients in most every major state and federal tax-related agency within the United States, often even assisting the agencies in understanding the correct tax treatment applicable to new industry products and services.