Quality and Customer Control

Agency Representation. We represent clients before federal and state agencies (attorney general offices, consumer affairs, home improvement commissions, Better Business Bureaus) in all fifty states. Our goal, which we achieve with high success, is to resolve issues without undue cost to the contractor; however, ensuring above all else that we maintain a professional and respectful relationship with the state agency involved. We do not believe that it is in our clients’ interests to engage in litigation, if avoidable, with a state agency. Of course, it is also important to preserve the client’s profit margin as best possible, and not to simply “give in” to an agency demand. To this end, we try and maintain relationships in many states with agency administrative personnel.

Internal Policy / Commodity Check Systems. We assist clients in creating quality control policies and procedures as well as commodity check systems, designed to reduce consumer problems and dissatisfactions, and to substantially decrease liability exposure.

Completion Certificates. Our focus is always on ease of use, liability protection, and reduction of paperwork errors. Many lenders and contractors either do not utilize a “Completion Certificate,” or only use them on certain finance jobs (Title 1, for example), or use forms which are less than satisfactory. We provide custom designed disclosures and acknowledgments to significantly reduce customer liability issues.