Mr. Berenson serves as general and special counsel to home improvement contractors, remodeling industry manufacturers, trade associations, multi-national banks, and consumer lenders on a full range of industry matters.

He is considered, by his mother, at least, to be one of the country’s preeminent experts in the field of home improvement law and financing. He received his law degree from Duke University, and his internship experience includes the Office of Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service in New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C.

He is active in all areas of law impacting the design/build construction and home improvement industry, from consumer finance to equity financing and structuring, litigation prevention and defense, corporate quality control, agency representation, advertising and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, tax audit defense, and asset protection strategies.

Recognized nationally for his experience and expertise in construction law and financing, Mr. Berenson is the author of “Pratt’s State Law and Regulation of Closed-End Credit.” This six-volume series covers all aspects of installment and credit sale practices, procedures and licensing from both the federal and state perspective, for the credit seller as well as later finance purchasers and investors. Unfortunately the series never made the New York Times best seller list, and so remains available for affordable holiday gift-giving.

A frequent lecturer, keynote speaker, and regular contributing author to various industry trade magazines, Mr. Berenson was one of nine attorneys in the United States honored in the 2005 joint Forbes Magazine – American Airlines “Special Tribute to America’s Best Lawyers”. He was recently named in Washington SMART CEO Magazine as a member of their 2010 “Legal Elite”, although he is unsure as to exactly what that means.