Over 30 years of industry-specific knowledge, combined with our goal of providing business-oriented legal representation of the highest quality, is why so many in the industry rely upon our advice and speak so highly of our law firm. We serve as both general counsel and as outside special counsel to hundreds of contractors, including big-box retailers, national remodeling manufacturers, and most of the lenders working in home improvement finance.

We handle all facets of problems within the industry, from advertising and marketing to in-home sale structures, consumer-facing paperwork, finance solutions, state operational guidelines, compensation structures, human resource concerns to class action litigation, and all manners of state and federal agency audits and investigations.

While the majority of our clients are contractors, we also represent many lenders and manufacturers in the industry, and that allows us to approach a problem or a solution from all possible directions. When you contact Berenson LLP with a problem, you can be assured that we have dealt many times with the very issues and concerns you are facing. In fact, unlike other law firms that must spend days or weeks simply learning about the unique issues that affect the remodeling and home improvement business, the attorneys at Berenson LLP deal with and prepare for these issues on a daily basis.

To discuss your legal matters or current concerns with an experienced member of our team, we welcome you to contact us today.