DOL, IRS, EPA, OSHA, FTC, Attorneys General – we are not experts in governmental investigations, we are experts in governmental investigations on home improvement issues.

As such, BLLP’s  expertise is focused on those issues unique to the industry – from lead paint, fall protection, telemarketing, customer quality control to 1099-reclassifciation attacks and sales representative safe harbors. Our industry knowledge provides such a unique “real world” perspective, that in successfully defending the EPA’s lead paint audit of a big box retailer and its entire national dealer network, the EPA adopted BLLP’s custom in-house lead paint forms as a template for revising the agency’s own recommended forms.

And just as important as defending the industry, we are experts at creating and implementing operational protocols, forms and procedures for identifying and handling these issues ahead of time – specifically in regard to laying a defensive groundwork should future concerns arise.  Our work is second-to-none due to our experience and expertise within our industry.  Recently, in successfully defending an Internal Revenue Service reclassification attack against a national manufacturer and their network of sales representatives, the Service actually issued BLLP a congratulatory letter after closing the audit, lauding the presentation we created to educate the IRS field agents on the legal issues involved.