Implementation, customization, review and sanitization of all sales representative structures and pay plans, focusing on elimination of unemployment and income tax withholdings at the state ands federal level.

While there are dozens of ways to structure a commission plan (although many clients make the classic mistake of using commission plans that are far too complicated) there are just three employment structures (only three, no more) that can be used for sales representatives in the industry. Each brings with it pros and cons, but in all cases providing a legally compliant document is only part of this process, as the real need is for a sales representative document to fully flesh out the operational safeguards a contractor requires given that the sales representative is the weakest link in the contractor’s process.  It is a grave mistake to assume that a simple employment agreement will suffice for a representative conducting in-home sales – it will not – and it certainly will not if you are looking to safely eliminate payroll withholding taxes for your sales representatives.