In regard to consumer financing in the home remodeling industry, BLLP represents or has worked with almost every major player in the field.

BLLP attorneys create customer finance documentation for lenders within the industry and counsel many of them on licensure, product structuring and customer quality control issues.  We make client-to-client introductions to bring our lending and sales finance company clients in contact with contracting clients that are seeking better or alternative finance options. If a mutual agreement exists, we work to develop joint venture or partnering relationships, including arrangements for bulk portfolio sales, ongoing buy-sell agreements, and exclusive financing relationships between lenders and retail/wholesale companies in the industry.  We have assisted larger clients in understanding, implementing and operating captive finance companies  and have participated in well over $3 billion of portfolio transactions exclusively comprised of home remodeling finance paper.

Our managing partner, D.S. Berenson, is the author of Pratt’s State Law and Regulation of Closed-End Credit.  This six-volume treatise covers all aspects of home improvement installment sale practices at the state and federal level.  Shockingly, none of the books ever made the New York Times best seller list, and so they remain available for affordable holiday gift-giving.