Custom design and review of all contracts, warranties, sweepstakes, consumer disputes and quality control protocols.

Due to our experience in the remodeling and home improvement industry, many of our suggestions for your documents will be as much “business” oriented as they are legal.  One part of the customization process is that we match contracts to the specifications of the products being sold.  For example, on jetted spa, walk-in tub and bathroom contracts we explain the causes and affects of condensation and mold (to cite one illustration).  Every product and its install has its own set of issues – from exposed nail heads to color variations and caulking VOCs – which we believe should be explained on a contract.  While this is not a legal requirement, it can go a long way to reducing customer “misunderstandings” and complaints about installations being defective.  Similarly, we also address late cancellation charges, punch-out lists and many other areas which tend to cause monetary losses and operational problems to our clients, often resulting in the “never-ending job”.

The trick is to head off issues and pain points we know are going to occur down the road – and we do it by getting ahead of the issue with specially designed  customer warnings and disclosures. We do not have “stock” contracts or warranties.  If a client is selling millions of dollars of product, the client needs to decide how important it is to protect its business with top-of-the-line custom contracts.  That is what we do, and we recognize our services, at least in regard to contract work, may not be suitable for every contractor.  (In any event, it is advisable to make sure your documents are reviewed once a year, to ensure ongoing compliance with changing federal and state laws)