Litigation and Class Action Defense

Berenson LLP’s litigation team melds our expert industry knowledge with a litigation staff where each attorney generally brings more than 20 years of top-notch litigation experience to the table – experiences including litigation careers with the U.S. Department of Justice and with various States Attorneys General. We specialize in defending government agency litigation, consumer cases, and class action lawsuits. No one in the United States has defended more EPA contractor enforcement actions, worker reclassification audits, or home improvement-based class action lawsuits against contractors than the attorneys at Berenson LLP.

When a client considers initiating litigation to enforce its rights, or is faced with defending litigation brought against it, our first step is to counsel the client on legal issues and perform a pre-litigation analysis. Once aware of the pros and cons of a particular case, the client is then in an informed position to discuss case management with us. Throughout the entire process, we never forget that the client may be confused, concerned, or simply have questions that need to be answered in plain English. In some cases, our clients already have litigation counsel, but we are brought in as special counsel to assist with the industry-specific strategies, experience, and insight that we bring to the table.